C Historic Locations

The following people with last names starting with C have historic locations associated with them on the National Register of Historic places including buildings, structures, land, and other historically significant places. Please select a person to browse the different historic locations and their historical significance.
Cabell, Col. Joseph, et al. Cabell, George, Jr.
Cabell, Joseph Carrington Cabell, Samuel Jordan
Cabell, William, Jr. Cable, George Washington
Cable, Laurence Cabot, George, et al.
Cabrillo, Juan Rodriguez Cadenasso, Guiseppe
Cahn, E. Cahoon, John P.
Cahoon, Wilbur Cain, Richard Harvey
Caldwell, Benjamin F. Caldwell, David
Caldwell, David Caldwell, Luther Henry
Caldwell, Samuel Caldwell, William A.
Caldwell, William Parker Caleb, George
Caleb, Grandy Calef, Dr. John
Calhoun, George S. Calhoun, John C.
Calkins, Charles H. Calkins, Dr. Martin H.
Calkins, Windsor W. Callahan, John Wesley
Callahan, Matthew H. Callahan, Thomas M.
Callaway, Cason Jewell Call, C.H., et al.
Call, Dr. Samuel Johnson Calloway, Thomas J.
Callow, John M. Call, Richard Keith
Calmes, Marquis Calvert, Charles
Calvert, Potilla, et al. Calvin, Samuel
Camak, James Camarillo, Adolfo
Cameron, Daniel, et al. Cameron, Duncan, et al.
Cameron, Paul Cameron, Simon
Cameron, Simon, et al. Campau, Louis
Campbell, Alexander Campbell, Alexander, et al.
Campbell, Amasa B. Campbell, Charles W., et al.
Campbell, Clarence Campbell, David
Campbell, Dr.Charles A.R. Campbell, Dr. John C.
Campbell, Gen. Alexander Campbell, Gen. Charles T.
Campbell, Gen. William Campbell, Hamilton
Campbell, Hugh E. Campbell, James
Campbell, John Campbell, John Pearce, Sr.
Campbell, Robert G. Campbell, Thomas
Campbell, William Bowen Campbell, William S.
Camp, Paul D. Canady, Burwell Westbrook
Canby, Gen. Edward Richard Spriggs Cance, John F.
Candler, A.D., et al. Candler, Allen D.
Candler, Asa G., Jr. Cane, Mary D.C., et al.
Canfield, Charles A. Canfield, George R.
Canfield, John Dodd Cannon, George M.
Cannon, Jacob Cannon, James Alvin
Cannon, Newton B. Cannon, William
Cansler, Prof. Charles W., et al. Cantey, Zachariah
Canton, William J. Canty, James Monroe
Canty, Marietta Capehart, George Washington
Cape, John M. Caperton, Hugh T.
Caples, Dr. Charles G. Caplinger, Samuel
Capron, Charles Carbonneau, Belinda Mulrooney, et al.
Carden, James B. Carey, Hiram A.
Carey, John T. Carey, Miles E.
Cargill, Rev. John Cargill, William W.
Carhar, Arthur H. Carithers, James Y.
Carkhuff, Stacy G. Carlisle, John G.
Carlisle, M.R. Carlson, J.C.
Carly, James C. Carmen, Cornelius
Carmichael, Elizabeth Loudon Carmichael, J.R.
Carmichael, Otto Carnahan, Magnus J.
Carnegie, Andrew CARNES, JAMES
Carney, Sgt. William H. Carpenter, Angelo
Carpenter, David Carpenter, Eddie Eugene
Carpenter, Elbert Lawrence Carpenter, Eugene J.
Carpenter, Farrington Reed Carpenter, Frank P.
Carpenter, Gardiner Carpenter, Helen Bundy
Carpenter, James Sansom Carpenter, Joseph
Carpenter, Miles B. Carpenter, Stephen, et al.
Carpenter, Willard Carr, Andrew L., Sr.
Carr, Anna Carr, Benjamin Franklin
Carreker, Newton P. Carr, Elias
Carr, Elias Carr, Francis et.al.
Carrigan, Steve, Jr. Carriger, Nicholas
Carrighar, Sally, et al. Carrigha, Sally
Carrillo, Leo Carrington, George, et al.
Carrington, Otis M. Carrington, Paul
Carrington, Tucker Carr, Jefferson Davis
Carr, John Price Carr, Julian S.
Carr, Julian S., et al. Carr, Julian, S., et al.
Carr, Julian S., Jr. Carroll, Albert H., et al.
Carroll, Anna Ella, et al. Carroll, Charles
Carroll, Charles Carroll, Charles, III
Carroll, Edward Carroll, James G.
Carroll, Jesse Carr, Peter
Carr, Robert Potter Carr, Thomas
Carr, William Carr, William Turner
Carskadon, Thomas H., et al. Carskadon, Thomas R.
Carson, John M. Carson, Joseph McDowell et. al.
Carson, Kit Carson, Kit, et al.
Carson, Rachel Carson, Thomas C.
Carson, William E. Carter, Aline Badger
Carter, A.P. Carter, A.P., et al.
Carter, David, Jr. Carter, Ernest, et al.
Carter, E.V. Carter, Farish
Carter, George L. Carter, George Robert
Carter, Joseph C. Carter, Landon, et al.
Carter, Lorenzo Carter, Maybelle
Carter, Will, et al. Carter, William Hodding
Cartwright, Jacob Cartwright, Matthew
Carty, Jacob Caruso, Enrico, et al.
Carver, George Washington Carver, George, Washington
Cary, Alice, et al. Cary, Dr. Charles Allen
Cary, Freeman Grant Cary, Leo J.
Cary, Mary Ann Shadd Cary, Miles II
Cary, Otis Cary, William S., et al.
Casaus, Jesus M. Case, Marian Roby
Case, Sarah Clark Case, William
Casey, Col. Randolph D. Casey, Patrick
Casey, Robert Cash, Wilbur Joseph
Casler, Florence Cassel, Carl
Cassese, Joseph Cassidy, Daniel, et al.
Cassimus, Speridon Cass, Lewis
Cass, Stephen F. Casteel, Herbert Cain
Castetter, Abraham Castle, David S.
Castleman, Dr. Alfred Lewis Caston, Johathan L.
Castro, Sister Remedios Palacios Caswell, Daniel H. Sr., et al.
Caswell, L.B., et al. Caswell, Richard
Catado, Father Joseph Cates, Charles Fletcher
Cather, Willa Cather, Willa Sibert
Catlin, Adam Catlin, George
Cato, Lewis Llewellen Caton, Jesse H.
Catt, Carrie Lane Chapman Cattell, Alexander G.
Cattle, John, Jr. Catts, Sidney Johnston
Causey, James H. Cauthen, Dr. William Columbus
Cavness, Nettie Cavness, William
Cawood, Richard L. Cayce, William J.
Cecil, Granville Cecil, James G. et.al.
Cermak, Fred J., Sr. Chadwick, George W., et al.
Chafin, Don Chaille, William H.
Chamberlain, Clarence D. Chamberlain, Daniel H.
Chamberlain, George Earle Chamberlain, George Earle
Chamberlain, Samuel W. Chamberlain, William
Chambers, Charles Chambers, David
Chambers, Frank L. Chambers, Gen. Thomas Jefferson
Chambers, George Chambers, Henry, et al.
Chambers, John, Sr. Chambers, Margaret
Chambers, Whitakker Chambliss, Jesse R.
Champion, Thomas Chance, Albert Bishop
Chance, F. Gano Chandler, Albert B.
Chandler, Asa, et al. Chandler, Joel
Chandler, John W. Chandler, Merritt
Chandler, Rev. Asa, et al. Chandler, Sen. William E.
Chaney, James Chism Chapin, Henry A.
Chapman, Bela, et al. Chapman, Charles
Chapman, Charles Clark Chapman, Charles G.
Chapman, Dr. John W. Chapman, George
Chapman, James A. Chapman, John
Chapman, John(Appleseed) Chapman, Leonard Bond
Chappell, Delos Allen Charbonneau, Jean Baptiste
Charlot, Jean Chase, Albon
Chase, Dr. Reuben Chase, Frank Berry
Chase, George Colby Chase, Henry S., et al.
Chase, John (Jack) Washington Chase, Salmon Portland
Chase, William Merritt Chatillon, Henri, et al.
Chavez, Cesar Chavez, Felipe
Chavez, Manuel Antonio Cheatham, Henry Plummer
Cheatham, Richard Chenault, Colby, et al.
Cheney, Benjamin P., et al. Chennault, Lt. General Claire L
Chenoweth, Richard Cherry, Francis
Cherry, Peter Lacy Cheshire, Joseph Blount
Chesnut, James, IV, et al. Chesnutt, James W.
Chester, Samuel Hall Chestnut, Gen. James
Chew, Roger Preston Chew, R. Preston
Chief Agrub Chief Joseph
Chief Ouray Chief Son-I-Hat
Chief Taga, et al. Chief Wapello, et al.
Child, Jonathan Childress, John
Childs, Arthur E. Childs, Leroy
Childs, Mayor Edwin O. Child, W.C.
Chilton, Dr. L.W. Chittenden, Hiram
Chittenden, Martin Chittenden, Russell Henry
Choate, Anna Hyde Clark Choate, George W.
Choate, Hannibal Choate, Joseph Hodges
Chopin, Kate Chopin, Katherine O'Flaherty
Chouteau, Pierre Chrisholm, Jesse
Christensen, Dr. Paul C. Christenson, Dr. C.R.
Christian, Michael, Jr. Christian, Robert Wall
Christian, Thomas Christie, Dr. George R.
Christie, Johnson, et al. Christie, J. Walter
Christman, W.W. Chrysler, Walter P.
Chrysler, Walter Percy Chucovich, Vasco
Church, Cornelius Church, Frederic E.
Churchill, Harry Churchill, Minnie H.
Churchill, Winston Churchill, Winston S.
Church, John B., et al. Churchman, John, Jr., et al.
Church, Nathan; Nelson, Wilbur Chute, Daniel, et al.
Cigrand, Bernard J. Cisler, Thomas H.
Civill, Acton Claflin, Adams
Clagett, Bishop Thomas John Clagett, Charles
Clair, Matthew W., Sr. Clancy, Cornelius Lawrence
Clapp, L. W. Clapp, William, et al.
Clardy, J.D. Clark, Alexander
Clark, Badger Clark, Benjamin
Clark, Charles W. Clark, Dr. George C.
Clarke, Bascom B. Clarke, Capt. Maxwell T.
Clarke, Charlotte Amber Clark, Edward
Clarke, Edwin W. Clarke, George W.
Clarke, Harry T. Clarke, John B.
Clarke, Nehemiah P. Clark, Gen. George Rogers et al.
Clark, George Rogers Clark, George Rogers, et al.
Clark, Gov. James Clark, Gov. John, et al.
Clark, Harding Allen Clark, Hulet
Clark, Isaac Newton Clark, James Beauchamp
Clark, James Beauchamp "Champ" Clark, John
Clark, John Clark, John Hector
Clark, Jonas G. Clark, Jonas Gilman
Clark, Joshua G. Clark, Lyman, et al.
Clark, Patrick Clark, P.C.
Clark, Percy H. Clark, Rebecca Sophia
Clark, Reuben Clark, Rev. Francis
Clark, Robert Clark, Robert, Jr.
Clark, Sen. Clarence D. Clark, Seth, Jr.
Clarkson, John Charlton Clarkson, Percy Wise
Clark, Starr Clark, William
Clark, William Clark, William A.
Clark, William S. Clark, Willis G.
Clark, W.T., et al. Classen, David G.
Clatworthy, Fred Payne Clausen, Pastor C.L.
Clausen, Rev.Claus L. Clawson, Dr. Charles D.
Clayborn, John Henry Claybrook, George E.
Clay, Brutus Clay, Cassius Marcellus
Clay, Cassius Marcellus, et al. Clay, Henry
Clay, Henry, et al. Clayton, Henry D., Jr.
Clayton, Joel Clayton, John M.
Clayton, Powell Clayton, William Henry Harrison
Cleburne, Gen. Patrick Clegg, Luther
Clemence, Thomas Clemens, James
Clemens, Jeremiah Clemens, Michael
Clemens, Orion Clement, George
Clement, Jesse Clement, Samuel
Clemons, Alexander Cleveland, Ephraim
Cleveland, Gov. Chauncey Fitch, et al. Cleveland, Grover
Cleveland, John B. Clifford, George B.
Clifford, Guilford David Cline, Patsy
Clinkenbeard, William Clinton, Gen. Henry
Clinton, Gen. Sir Henry Clinton, William Jefferson
Clise, James W. Clow, Jessie James
Cluff, Harvey H. Clutts, Joseph
Clyde, James William Clymer, George
Cnopius, John, Jr. Cobban, R.M.
Cobb, Beverly, et al. Cobb, Capt. Elijah, et al.
Cobb, Samuel Cobbs, Frank J.
Cobbs, Frank J. Cobb, T.R.R.
Cobb, Ty Cobb, William
Coburn, Abner Cochran, Col. Melville A.
Cochran, John P. Cochran, M.E.
Cochran, William Cocke, Dr. Edward C.
Cocke, Harrison H. Cocke, John, et al.
Cockerill, Joseph R., et al. Cockrum, Col. William M.
Codman, Martha, et al. Cody, Buffalo Bill
Cody, Col. William F. Cody, William F. "Buffalo Bill"
Cody, William Frederick Coe, James A.
Coffing, John Churchill Coffin, Levi
Coffin, Lorenzo S. Coffren, John W.
Coggin, Gilman A. Cohen, Alfred
Cohn, Arthur B. Cohodas, Sam
Coke, John Scory Coke, Judge James L.
Coker, David R. Coker, James L., III
Coker, Major James Lide Coker, Robert R.
Coker, S. Pressly Colbert, Fred
Cole, Charles D. Cole, Col. Edmund W., et al.
Cole, David Cole, Edmund W., et al.
Cole, Edward E. Cole, James et al.
Cole, James Omar Cole, Joseph H.
Cole, Joseph Jarrett Coleman, George L., Sr.
Coleman, James W. Coleman, Robert, et al.
Cole, Thomas Col. John Taylor
Colle, Capt. Herman H., Sr. Coller, Julius A.
Collier, Henry Watkins Collings, Richard T., et al.
Collins, Floyd Collins, George H.
Collins, Isaac Collins, John
Collins, Jonathan C. Collins, Orville M., et al.
Collins, Thomas Collyer, Moses Wakeman
Coll y Toste, Cayetano Colman, James
Colquitt, Gov. Alfred Holt Colquitt, Oscar B.
Colter, Fred T. Colter, John
Coltrane, John Colt, Samuel
Columbus, Chistopher et al. Columbus, Christopher
Colver, Samuel H. Colvin, Ignatius
Combs, George, et.al. Combs, Loula Long, et al.
Combs, Moses N. Combs, Nathan
Comley, Henry Commons, John R.
Compton, Alma Compton, Arthur Holly
Compton, Dr. James Howard Compton, Lucius Bunyun
Compton, William A., et al. Comstock, Elias
Comstock, Solomon G. Condict, Dr. Lewis
Congdon, Joel Rathbone Conger, Isaac
Conkey, Ithmar Conklin, Benjamin
Conklin, David, et al. Conkling, Roscoe
Conley, John Dykeman Conner, Dr. Beadie Eugene
Conner, John R. Connors, Dan, et al.
Conrad, Charles Edward Conrad, Hair
Conrad, W.J. Conser, Jacob
Conser, Peter Converse, Elisha S., et al.
Conway, James S. Conwell, Elias
Conwell, Russell Cony, Gov. Samuel, et al.
Cook, Alexander Cook, Anthony Wayne, et al.
Cook, Capt. James Cook, Col. Edward
Cooke, Charles Montague, Jr. Cooke, Clarence H.
Cooke, Jay Cook, Ellis
Cooke, Mrs. C.M. Cooke, Noah
Cook, Frederick William Cook, Gov. John
Cook, Herman Albert Cook, Jacob Jr.
Cook, James P. Cook, James W.
Cook, Jones et al Cook, Maj. Asa M.
Cook, Will Marion Coolbrith, Ina
Cooley, George C. Coolidge, Alfred, et al.
Coolidge, Calvin Coolidge, Orlando
Cooney, Capt. Michael Cooper, C.L.
Cooper, Daniel, et al. Cooper, Daniel C., et al.
Cooper, Gen. Nathan Cooper, James Fenimore
Cooper, James Fenimore, et al. Cooper, Joseph, Jr.
Cooper, Judge John E. Cooper, Madison Alexander, et al.
Cooper, T.S. Cooper, William Frierson
Cooper, William Prentice, Sr., et al. Coopman, Rev.Amatus R., et.al.
Coopwood, Capt. Thomas Coor, James, et al.
Copas, John Copcutt, John
Cope, Edward D. Copland, Aaron
Copley, Col. Ira C. Coppes, Frank
Copple, Simpson S. Corbett, Henry Ladd
Corbett, James, et al. Corbin, Daniel Chase
Corbin, D.C. Corbly, Rev. John
Corcoran, William Wilson Corey, Albert
Corey, Hiram Corey, Timothy
Cori, Carl, et al. Cornelison, James Eli
Cornelius, Dr. Charles W. Cornell, Albert B.
Cornell, Ezra Cornish, Joel N.
Cornwall, Mason Cornwall, W.T.
Corrigan, Bernard Corse, John
Corser, Harry P. Corson, Alan
Cory, Harvey E. Cory, Joseph II
Cory, Rev. David Munroe Cosden, Josh
Cosgriff, James E. Cosgrove, C.N.
Cosgrove, James A., et al. Costen, Dr. Isaac T.
Cotton, Clinton N. Cotton, C.N.
Cotton, Isaac Cottrill, Matthew
Couch, Harvey Couchman, Benedick
Coudon, Rev. Coues, Elliott
Coulson, Emerson E. Coumbe, John
Countryman, Gratia Alta Countryman, Gratia, Alta
Coursey, Thomas B. Cousar, James A.
Cover, Lillian Brittain Covington, Blanche
Covington, Robert D. Covington, William
Cowan, Capt. Thomas, et al. Cowan, David
Cowan, James Cowan, Ludwell Blackstone
Coward, Rev. John, Sr. Cowdrey, George
Cowdrey, J.S. Cowenhoven, Henry P.
Cowherd, Jonathan Cowin, Thomas F., et al.
Cowles, Gen. George Cowles, Jerry
Cowles, Jerry, et al. Cowles, William H.H., et al.
Cowley, Rev. Henry T. Cowling, Judge Jefferson Thomas
Cowper, Richard Green Cox, Angie Williams
Cox, Dr. Virgil J. Cox, Eugene Saint Julien
Cox, Gardner Cox, George B.
Cox, George G. Cox, Jacob
Cox, James M. Cox, James Middleton
Cox, Nicholas N. Cox, Nicholas Nichol
Cox, William Morton Coyle, Dr. John, et al.
Cozens, William Zane Crabill, David
Crabtree, Lotta Crafts, Moses, II, et al.
Crafts, William H. Cragin, Daniel
Craig, Dr. William, et al. Craig, James
Craig, J.H., et al. Craig, Joseph A., et al.
Craigmiles, Walter Craig, Newton
Craik, Dr. James Cramer, Peter
Crandall, Harrison Crandall, Harry M.
Crandall, Prudence Crane, Garrard
Crane, Israel Crane, Jonathan, et al.
Crane, Richard Teller Jr. Crane, Richard Teller, Jr
Crane, Richard T., Jr. Cranmer, George Ernest
Cranmer, Jean Louise Cranmer, William Henry Harrison
Cranz, Eugene Cranz, Franklin F.
Crawford, A.J. Jackson Crawford, Coe Isaac, et al.
Crawford, Col. William Crawford, David
Crawford, Ellis T. Crawford, Gideon
Crawford, Harry Jennings Crawford, James
Crawford, James L. Crawford, Margaret
Crawford, Samuel J. Crawford, Thomas S.
Crawford, W.D. Crawford, William
Cray, Lorin Crazy Horse
Creager, R.B. Creaser, Phillip
Credle, George V. Creed, John M., et al
Creef, George Washington Creigh, David S.
Cresap, Michael Crews, Thomas Albert
Crichlow, James H. Jr., et al. Crippen, Henry J.
Crites, Edwin D. Crittenden, Brig. Gen. Thomas L.
Crittenden, Maj.John Jordan Crocker, Barnabus, et al.
Crocker, Capt. Alexander Crocker, Col. Alvah, et al.
Crocker, Lot Crockett, Andrew
Crockett, Joseph Crockett, Judge Joseph B., et al.
Crockett, Knott Croft, Howland
Croke, Thomas B., et al. Croll, John G.
Crompton, George Cronenwett, Georg
Crook, Charles Joseph Crook, Gen. George
Crooks, William Crook, William W., et al.
Croonquist, Alfred Cropsey, Jasper
Crosby, C. Worthington, et al. Crosley, Powel, Jr.
Cross, Curtis B. Crossfield, Richard Henry
Cross, George Harry Cross, Harvey
Croswell, Charles M. Crouch, J.A., Rev.
Crowe, John Finley Crowell, Christopher Columbus, Jr.
Crowell, John Franklin Crowley, John F.
Croxton, Thomas Crozet, Claudius
Crozet, Claudius Cruikshank, J.J., Jr.
Crummell, Alexander Crump, Edward Hull
Crysup, J.T. Cuffe, Paul
Cuhna, Joseph Culbertson, W. C.
Culbertson, William Culbertson, W. S.
Culhane, Cornelius Cullen, Ezekiel Wimberly
Cullen, Matthew Cullom, Frances, Jr.
Cullum, William Culver, Charles Z.
Culver, Harry H. Culver, William
Cuming, Dr. John Cummings, Byron
cummings, e.e. cummings, e e
Cummings, Judge Will Cummins, Bishop George David
Cummins, John Cummins, Senator Albert B.
Cundiff, William Milton Cuningham, Alexander et. al.
Cunliff, Lemuel Cunningham, Ann Pamela
Cunningham, James Cunningham, John T., Jr.
Cupples, Samuel Curry, Abraham
Curry, Duncan Curry, Jabez Lamar Monroe
Curry, Lewis Curry, Solomon S.
Curtin, Jeremiah Curtin, Roland, et al.
Curtis, Allan Crocker Curtis, Charles
Curtis, Elijah Curtis, George M.
Curtis, Henry B. Curtis, James Clark
Curtis, Maj. Gen. John, et al. Curtis, Melville
Curtis, Paul Curtis, Samuel R.
Curtiss, Glenn H. Curtiss, Glenn Hammond
Curtiss, Louis Curtis, Sylvanus B.
Curtis, Uri B. Curtis, Walter
Curtis, William Curtis, William, et al.
Curwood, James Oliver Cushing, Caleb
Cushing, Lt. Howard B. Cushman, Charles L.
Cushway, Benjamin Cusson, Samuel J., et al.
Custer, George Armstrong Custer, Lt. Col. George A.
Custer, Lt. Col. George Armstrong Cutler, Augustus W.
Cutler, Morris D. Cutler, Thomas R.
Cutter, Ephraim Cypert, Jesse N., et al.