I Historic Locations

The following people with last names starting with I have historic locations associated with them on the National Register of Historic places including buildings, structures, land, and other historically significant places. Please select a person to browse the different historic locations and their historical significance.
Ickes, John Iddings, Benjamin
Ikirt, Dr. George P., et al. Iles, Elijah
Imboden, Col. George Ingersoll, John N.
Ingersoll, Robert Ingles, William
Ingles, William Inglis, Charles
Inglis, John Auchincloss Ink, Theron H.
Inman, Darwin M. Inness, George
Inness, George Inness, George, Jr.
Innman, D.H. Inskeep, John
Insley, Merritt H. Insull, Samuel
Inzer, Judge John W. Ireland, Archbishop John
Ireland, Charles H. Irick, John Stockton
Irish, William N. Irons, Dr. John C.
Irons, Judge Thomas Irvine, George
Irvin, Gen. James Irving, Washington
Irving, William Irvin, John
Irwin, John N. Irwin, Thomas K.
Isaac Hite Isaacson, Isaac
Isakson, John Isbester, Caleb et al.
Isenhour, Daniel Isham, Norman Morrison
Ish, Jefferson, et al. Isom, Thomas Dudley
Isparhecher Iverson, Andreas
Iverson, Gov. Jorgen Iverson, Michael
Ives, Charles Edward Ivinson, Edward, et al.
Izant, Grace Goulder