Shawnee Old Fields Village Site

Address Restricted
Oldtown, Maryland

Historic Document

Shawnee Old Fields Village Site is located in Allegany County, Maryland certified as a historic location on Monday May 12, 1975. This location is a protected historic place because of historical significance relating to Domestic, Agriculture/Subsistence, more specifically a Village Site, Agricultural Fields. Shawnee Old Fields Village Site was nominated by as a historic location by State Government, Federal Agency based on Person, Information Potential and its significance in Historic - Aboriginal, Agriculture.

Shawnee Old Fields Village Site Information

Other Name: King Opessa's Town;Old Town;South Branch Site
Ownership Type: Private
Type of Resource: Site
Cultural Affiliation: Late Woodland, Shawnee, late woodland
Historically Significant Names Associated With This Location: King Opessa
Historically Significant Years Associated With This Location: 1697, 1727
Level of Governmental Significance: National
Restricted Archeological Site: Restricted Site
Federal Agency Responsible for This Location: National Park Service

Shawnee Old Fields Village Site Size Data

Acres occupied by this site: 370
Number of historically contributing buildings: 0
Number of historically contributing sites: 1
Number of historically contributing structures: 0
Number of historically contributing objects: 0
Number of noncontributing buildings: 0
Number of noncontributing sites: 0
Number of noncontributing structures: 0
Number of noncontributing objects: 0
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