Q Historic Locations

The following people with last names starting with Q have historic locations associated with them on the National Register of Historic places including buildings, structures, land, and other historically significant places. Please select a person to browse the different historic locations and their historical significance.
Quackenbush, Jacob W. Quaintance, Charles F.
Quammen, Olaf, et al. Quarles, Charles
Quarless, William James Quaw, Thomas B.
Quayle, William Quay, Matthew
Quay, Matthew S. Quay, Matthew Stanley
Queen Emma Queeny, Edgar Monsanto
Quick, Benjamin Quick, John Herbert
Quigless, Dr. Milton Douglas Quinby, Ivory
Quincy, Col. Josiah Quincy, Edmund, et al.
Quincy, Josiah Quinn, Robert E.
Quinn, William Paul Quirk, Fr. Thomas Aquinas
Quitman, John Anthony