y Historic Locations

The following people with last names starting with y have historic locations associated with them on the National Register of Historic places including buildings, structures, land, and other historically significant places. Please select a person to browse the different historic locations and their historical significance.
y Yale, Darwin E.
Yancey, Bartlett Yancey, William Lowndes
Yarnell, Irwin Arthur Yauch, William B.
Yawkey, Cyrus C. Ybor, Vincent, Martinez
Ybor, Vincent, Martinez, et al. Yeager, Frederick, et al.
Yeates, Jasper et al. Yegen, Christian
Yegen, John Yegen, Peter
Yeiser, David A. Yenowine, Daniel
Yeon, Jean Baptiste Yerkes, Joseph D.
Yerwood, Dr. Charles R., Yerwood, Dr. Connie, et al
Yewell, Francis E. Yoder, Jacob
Yoerg, Anthony, Sr. York, Alvin Cullom
York, M.C. York, Sergeant Alvin
Yost, John Young, Alexander
Young, Andrew Young, Andrew
Young, Benjamin Young, Bennett Henderson
Young, Brigham Young, Brigham Jesse
Young, Col. Charles Young, Col. J.W.
Young, Ewing Young, Fred H.
Young, George Hampton Young, Henry
Young, James Young, John
Young, John Eben Young, Joseph Wesley
Young, Joshua Palmer Youngman, Frederick
Young, Otto Young, Robert
Young, Samuel W. Young, Virginia Durant
Young, Whiney M., Jr. Yount, Miles Frank